Solomon Attaquin

January 27, 1810 – March 16, 1895 | Mashpee
Solomon Attaquin of Mashpee

Independent from the start, Solomon Attaquin, son Sarah (Sally) Jones and Ezra Attaquin, served as a cook on fishing voyages at age 12 and became a whaler at age 14. (1) As a whaler, Attaquin traveled the world, including seeing Europe, the West Indies, and South America. In his late twenties, Attaquin used his and partners' funds to purchase his own ships and become a coastal trader, moving goods and passengers between the Cape and Nantucket. (2)

Attaquin was politically active throughout his life. He was a prominent participant in the 1833 “Mashpee Revolt '' and served as one of the first Mashpee selectmen when it became a self-governing district. He also, over the years, held the roles of District Clerk, postmaster, tax collector, fish warden, parish moderator and would travel to Boston to meet legislators and present petitions. (3) Attaquin had many connections in Boston and maintained a correspondence with John Milton Earle, an early Anti-Slavery activist who served as the Massachusetts Commissioner on Indian Affairs. (2) Attaquin’s family was also politically involved, with his wife Cynthia Conant (Conet) Attaquin, who he married in 1836, and his father, Ezra Attaquin, prominent petition signers engaged in social and political matters. (4)(5)

In 1840, Attaquin retired from the water and opened up the Attaquin Hotel in Northern Mashpee. Widely known and respected, the hotel hosted many high-profile guests including Daniel Webster, Henry David Thoreau, and President Grover Cleveland who were attracted to Mashpee’s pristine fishing and Attaquin’s knowledgeable hospitality. (6)


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